Choosing the Right AC Repair Company

Choosing the Right Katy AC Repair CompanyFor many home owners choosing the right AC repair company is a bit of a struggle. When an air-conditioner starts to fail it drives up energy bills, but a unit that shuts down completely creates miserable living conditions. Something that's just as miserable as a broken AC is a repair company that is unreliable, expensive, or just incompetent on the repairs. Here are some helpful tips to avoid the headache of a broken AC, and also to avoid hiring a poor air-conditioner repair company:

Where to Look For Quality AC Repair

The best way to find a quality air conditioning company is to ask around, and search online. Talk to your friends, neighbors, and read reviews. Most likely there's someone you know or live close to that has used an Air Conditioning Repair company at some time. Hiring locally usually gives a better opportunity for prompt service.

Finding a Knowledgeable / Respectable Company

Many other home owners have gone through the struggle of finding a quality AC repair company they can trust. Some never showed up to do the work, others made it to your home but couldn’t properly correct the problem. Others did the work, but charged 3-4X the industry norm for simple repairs. Their bad experiences help you, as people usually don't stay quiet about these situations. Check out online review sites such as Google, Yelp, Yellow Pages or Angie’s List and seek word of mouth locally to determine who you should hire and who you should avoid.

Make Sure the Company Is Licensed / Insured

Even the best AC repair contractors will have an occasional accident or mishap. It’s important to make sure they’re covered ‘just in case’. Depending on state laws an AC Repair Company may be required to have a license and permits to do work on your home.

Having the required licenses & permits is critical. It lets you in know the contractors are educated, tested, and up to date on HVAC codes. Insurance covers the AC customer if the contractors work causes property damages. You're protected as long as the contractor is licensed and insured.

AC Repair Company Qualities

What if all local companies are fully licensed and all have mostly positive reviews? There are a few other important things to consider that could help make the decision easier:

Customer Service – does the business answer your calls promptly and do they have a generally good attitude? Since these people will be in your home it doesn’t hurt having a contractor that stresses the importance of customer service.

Options – with HVAC repairs there’s usually an A, B, and sometimes C option when getting your system back up and running. Watch out for the company who only tries to sell you new equipment (although sometimes it may be the only solution).

Timeline – in most cases, the sooner the company can get to you and fix your AC the better, but unfortunately a quality company may simply be very busy at the moment. In some cases ‘first come first serve’ determines who to hire.

Typical Air-Conditioner Repair Costs

There really isn't a “typical” AC Repair Cost. Repair costs will vary based on the specific needs of every HVAC System. Identifying the specific problem your HVAC System is having could be a wide range of things from something as simple as a clogged drain line, dirty filter or a more severe problem such as a bad compressor. If all they want to do is sell you a new system, without giving other options, it may be a good idea to get a second opinion.

Making Sure You’re Not Overcharged

Repair costs can vary greatly. Minor repairs could be a couple hundred dollars, major ones are usually several hundred. Sometimes the only remedy is equipment replacement. When it comes to equipment replacement you should get multiple quotes for the job to ensure you’re not being taken advantage of. It’s best to call at least 2 contractors for an equipment quote just to a) clarify which repairs are needed and b) know an average price tag for the job. It’s important to not only be cautious of a price that is too high, but one that's very low could cause a red flag that the company may be a fly-by-night operation, and may not stand by their work.

Its important to find a quality AC repair company you can trust for every job. Waiting until a system goes down could leave you scrambling which could result in higher costs and poor service. Additionally, your air conditioner should have maintenance performed twice a year to make sure it’s running efficiently, and to catch problems early. Once you find a company that you're happy with for the routine stuff, you'll be much more comfortable when the emergency repairs are necessary.

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