What You Don't Know About Indoor Air Quality Could Hurt You

Katy Indoor Air QualityNo matter how clean you think your Katy home, you would probably be disappointed to come to understand just how poor your air quality really is. Studies indicate that air inside your home can be anywhere from 2-100 times more polluted than outdoor air. Without taking steps to change this, you are subjecting yourself and your loved ones to unhealthy breathing air.

You probably have a filter in place to help improve the condition of your tap water? Or else you at least wouldn't dare drink it without a filter in place. So why do you think your air is any better?

Just the Facts

One of the main reasons that people don't do anything about the quality of their air is because they cannot see the contaminants. What you need to realize is that what you can't see can hurt you. Here are some other things that you should be aware of that will hopefully help change your view on how serious you should take the quality of your indoor air.

There are plenty of contributing factors that play a role in polluting your air. From outside pollutants filtering in, to pet dander and dust mites to air fresheners and even scented candles. So not having a measure of purification means that you are taking a risk with your health.

Everyone is at risk but certain people are higher “at risk” candidates. Children, seniors and even the household pet may have a harder time breathing because of poor air quality. Of course this can be even worse for anyone suffering from respiratory related health issues, such as asthma or allergies.

Many people don't even realize how much time they spend indoors so they think it doesn't impact them. On average we spend approximately 90% of our time indoors. So even if you are an avid outdoor enthusiast, you are still spending a lot more time inside than you realize. And for those who like to stay indoors, you are maximizing your exposure to contaminated air. Since indoor air in Katy can be anywhere from 2-100 times as contaminated as the air outdoors, this is something that should be taken seriously.

Making Changes

The easy way to help reverse the process and reduce your risk of living with polluted air is to call Parker Air Conditioning and Heating. We care about serving our customers by also helping improve their quality of life.

To find out more all you have to do is give us a call. Let our team of experts show you the options that you have for enhancing your quality of air.

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